April 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Dear Practitioner,

First I want to mention, when you follow up on this or any email, please sent your response only to me, not to the whole group. Thank you!


As everybody know, we had our meeting on April 17th in Jeff McCreary's office in Lancaster.

Attendance: Lynn Diehl, Ann Diehl, Charles Brynan, Meg Mautz, Nancy Gore, Jeff McCeary, Jeanette Donahoe, Gabriele Cipollone


It's a pretty impressive office, with three practitioner rooms, a front desk in the waiting room, a kitchen and a small area where their "Healthy Embraces" creams are displayed. We all got some samples to try on clients.

He also talked about the business side of the office. How to increase the number of clients- his top 5 secrets. Thanks Jeff, it was very informative.


Thanks to Charles, we opened our meeting with an 20 min outdoor Chi Gong exercise, what felt really good. Charles also presented a Oolong- Tea ceremony. It was fun to watch, tasted great and we learned a lot about this particular tea.


The main agenda at our meeting was the future of PRO.

Susan Boland stepped down from her volunteer position as treasurer/ secretary. Thank you for all the hart work you put in this job. We will miss you.

Nobody from the the practitioner of attendance wanted to step up. Also Pam Fagelson stepped down from her position as our delegate to RAA. Maureen Maxwell offered to take this job. I will get in touch with her to discuss this possibility.


Due to no treasurer, we decided to close down our account of $2175. Everybody, who paid membership 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2016 will get money back. If each $25 membership is a share, I will add all the shares up and divide the balance through the # of shares.

   We made $575 plus through Kristen Raddens workshop. I will divide this balance by the # of participants and pay this shares back too.

   I need some time to go through all the paper and figure the exact numbers out. I will start beginning of May, when I return back from my trip to Germany.

Now, what are the changes at PRO?

I will still be the "President" of the networking organization.

We will not have a membership anymore.

We will organize twice a year a meeting - Sept and April, similar to what we did now (help each other, share treatment, talk about business, workshops, what's going on in Raa....)


Web- site: Jeff will continue the web site. We try to update as much as possible.

Up to this date, all Practitioner listings will be grandfathered in and stay on the web site. All new personal listings will cost $20 (one time fee) for maintenance of the web site and Jeff's working hours.

We like to inform our PA Reflexologists about workshops, articles ...Stay tune and check frequently, what's new on www.pareflexology.org

The web site will be updated after my return.


Any addition to my "minutes", please let me know.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thanks to all participants. It was fun and interesting afternoon


Gabriele Cipollone  

certified Reflexologist, 610-645-6578