PRO will foster the growth of the Reflexology profession in Pennsylvania to provide mind, body and spirit wellness through the holistic practice and education of Reflexology.

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PRO Networking Meeting

April 30 ,2017


Central Penn Reflexology

1834 Oregon Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601

1:00-4:00 pm

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  PRO is a networking organization for Reflexologists in Pennsylvania who are interested in both knowledge and interest in Reflexology.

  PRO doesn't have a paid membership. We are staying connected  through an email list. If you're interested in staying connected to other practitioners, please send your information to Gabrielle Cipollone at

  PRO will meet twice a year in April and September.We offer the opprtunity to post your professional information on our website. If you're interested, please send a one-time payment of $20 (payable to Jeff McCreary) to Gabriele Cipollone, 208 Williamsburg Road, Ardmore, PA 19003

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Reflexology Organization!

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Lone Sorensen is Coming to Harrisburg, PA

March 30-April 6, 2017

Lone Sorensen is the director of the International Institute of Facial Reflexology and has spent years dedicated to the teaching of reflexology in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Japan, China, Australia, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland and Spain, where she teaches in coordination with more than 50 instructors.Lone Sorensen is coming to Harrisburg, PA and will be teaching the following classes:

  • Tibetan Head, Neck and Scalp Reflex Therapy Module 1

  • Tibetan Head, Neck and Scalp Reflex Therapy Module 2

  • Tibetan Head, Neck and Scalp Reflex Therapy Module 3

  • Tibetan Neuro-Foot Reflex Therapy “Praxis Vertebralis” Module 2

  • Tibetan Neuro-Hand Reflex Therapy Module 1

  • Japanese Cosmo Lifting

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